7 Gifts for Professionals Who Want to Look Sharp

Everyone, at some point in time, needs to have a professional wardrobe. Whether it’s for a job interview, the first day of work, or a gathering, professional attire and accessories help give anyone the boost of confidence they need.

If you want to give someone the gift of confidence, here are seven gifts for professionals who want and need to look sharp for a special event. With options ranging from low to high end, you’re bound to find the perfect gift.

When it Comes to Finding Gifts for Professionals, A High-Quality Watch is a Must

For the professional that wants to look prepared and confident, a statement watch fits the bill. It can be elegant enough for the most professional settings, but also classic enough to go with everyday wear.

Watches a great way to accessorize any outfit, and their size makes them perfect for combining with a multitude of wardrobe pallets.

Another great thing about gifting a watch to someone is that the combination choices are endless. Depending on the person’s tastes, you can pick and choose every aspect of a watch to make the perfect one.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sophisticated Phone Case

Phone cases say a lot about a person’s professionalism. If someone goes into an interview with a phone case that has cartoons on it, the wrong impression might come through. Whether we like it or not, superficial items influence how other people perceive us. In order to make the best impression possible in a professional setting, it’s important that everything is taken into consideration.

That said when you’re picking a phone case for a professional, the more simple, the better. You also want to make sure that a phone case is durable, but don’t let it be too clunky. Today, minimalism is everything, so keep that in mind when looking for gifts for professionals.

If Attention to Detail is Everything, Sunglasses or a Fancy Tie for the Win

Looking for gifts for professionals that are fun? Ties and sunglasses are an opportunity for that. There are many designer ties and sunglasses brands, each with very office friendly, professional options available.

When picking a pair of sunglasses for someone, make sure you look for scratch proof lenses. Nothing says unprofessional like a bunch of scratches on a lens! Another thing to look for is a durable frame. A lot of the times sunglasses fall apart because of cracks in the frame, or the hinges on the temples unscrew.

Ties, on the other hand, are a much easier item to buy someone. If you go to a luxury store, you’ll be able to talk with someone who works there to get a better idea of what to get. Typically, ties should be slender, but not too skinny, The right length is crucial so that the bottom of the tie aligns perfectly with the top of the trousers.

Upgrade their Organization with a Professional Looking Leather Tablet Padfolio

Every professional should be organized, and that’s why a tablet padfolio is the perfect gift. Leather padfolios, in particular, can look luxurious. Tablet padfolios don’t only hold tablets, though. They come equipt with many other useful features.

A medium sized pad for note taking is usually included, which is convenient for writing down important details. Other padfolios come with an agenda, which is perfect for anyone who has to manage a lot of meetings and deadlines. Other features included are pen holders, card holders, phone holders and separate sleeves for documents.

Basically, padfolios allow one to carry all the information they would need on a given day. The compact size makes it great to carry around, and the quality makes it last for a long time.

Give the Gift of Professional Accessories with a Leather Wallet or Clutch

Another simple, yet elegant way to help professionals look their best is with a leather wallet or clutch. Some people overlook this accessory, as it’s not waved in public as much as a bag, but it’s still very important.

If chosen correctly, wallets can complete an outfit rather than remain invisible. Leather wallets, in particular, are very luxurious and professional looking. But don’t limit yourself to this choice! There are many wallet companies out there, now with more minimalist looking options that are vegan too. So if ethical purchases are important to you, I would recommend looking at those too.

Women may prefer clutches over wallets, and who can blame them. Clutches offer more room for phones, keys, cards, and even glasses. Consider this option also if you think a wallet might not be the better choice.

Become a Real Life, Fairy-Godparent By Gifting a Chic Trench Coat or Peacoat

Moving into more upscale gifts for professionals, one recommendation is a high-end trench coat or peacoat. This is a fashion staple for any professional wardrobe and if you know someone who doesn’t have one, you need to get them this.

Trench coats and pea coats have been around for a long time and there’s a reason for that. They never go out of style. Business professionals use these as their outerwear and only these! It’s a timeless article of clothing worth investing in, and if you’re feeling particularly generous, it makes a great gift for any professional.

Everyone Needs a Laptop Handbag or Professional Backpack

Up there with a trench coat, another necessary professional item is a bag for work. While laptop handbags are marketed towards women, I want to make the case for a professional backpack for both men and women.

A backpack for work is both a functional and professional option if you pick the right one. When buying a professional backpack, look for durable materials, comfortable features such as padding, and plenty of compartments for organization. Laptop handbags may look good, but they don’t offer the support of a backpack.

Laptop backpacks come in different styles, some cooler than others. But don’t let appearances fool you. Pay attention to the materials being used in order to discern if it’s worth the money or if it’s a rip-off.

Bonus: If You’re Unsure What to Gift a Professional, a Nordstrom Gift Card is a Safe Bet

If you’re not sure about the above seven options, you can’t go wrong with a Nordstrom gift card. That way they can choose exactly what they need, and you still feel awesome!

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